18 days.

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The graffiti behind the father and daughter reads "The streets belong to us"

My daughter was seven years old on September 11. For the past decade – i.e. the entirety of her childhood, the only one she'll ever get – she has had to endure taunts and slurs and snickers, or at best pinched "tolerance," about her ethnicity and her religion. She's handled it well and is actually quite articulate in countering the bias. But it's fatiguing, and over time she has distanced herself from her Arab Muslim background. I can't tell you how much this saddens me, but I know she's not alone in this reaction, I know her life needs to be more than an ongoing argument with other people's ignorance, and I've tried to give her space to work out who she is and how she identifies.

She turned seventeen this week, and it's a milestone. For the first time ever, I have seen her beaming, in that I told you guys all along way, whenever some only-sorta-follows-the-news American asks her, "Wait… aren't you Egyptian?"

شكرا يا مصر

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  1. Kat Says:

    Love, love, love to you both! And to every single one of us who cares about freedom and democracy! The Egyptian people have reminded us of how it can be done.

  2. Dave Says:

    I have been seeing interviews with local Egyptian immigrants and Egyptian-Americans, including some college and high school aged ones. It has made me think of her several times, in addition to your own posts in various places. It's just really nice to see this happening right now.

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